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Strategic Thinking

No matter what your marketing strategy is, there are a few universal truths to maximizing effectiveness:

1 You will say more if you say less.

In marketing, the more you say the less you communicate.


2 Keep the message simple to make it effective.

The amount of noise communicated causes deminishing returns on the amount of information received.


3 Don't misinterpret lack of attention for lack of interest.

Needless to say, these days our attention is split about a million ways. Just because you've communicated a message doesn't mean it's been received. While you want to make sure your message resonates, repeating yourself will come off as annoying to the people who DID get the message.

Consider this:

C ÷ A = B

A x B = C

C ÷ B = A

C = B x A

All of the above say the same thing, just different. If your message isn't getting through, try saying it differently.


With those truths in mind, there are three main concepts at the core of the Bohnsack Design strategy:

#1: Do Business Better.

Design can be a useful tool to help you get noticed – but you can count on Bohnsack Design to seek ways to help you work smarter, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. The goal is to help you make money, save money or both.

#2: Use a Model that Works.

Some firms emphasis their strength in numbers. They don't mention their incredible overhead. Bohnsack Design is lean and efficient, and may also tap the expertise from a network of trusted talent as needed. The fact that there's no high-rise office means you save on cost, it also means you work exclusively with A-list expertise specifically selected for the talent they bring to your project.

#3: Variety—The Spice of Life (and Good Creative Thinking).

Bohnsack Design helps you tell your story in a variety of new, different and more interesting ways. With experience in a multitude of industries and media, Bohnsack Design can help you stand apart. If your message isn't getting through, try saying it differently.

If you have a project that you think might be a good fit, please reach out.

Find out more about Bohnsack Design.

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